Europe's Best in class Edible Seeds building

Trading, Processing & Warehousing done on #1 unique location. In-house developed processing techniques combined with a climate controlled warehouse management from one building. Matching highest standards of quality. The building specifically developed for eible seeds combines: office, processing plant, raw material storage and warehousing. A multifunctional location. Incoming shipments are processed directly. Products can be shipped immediately or stored for polling in the conditioned warehouse. Click here for more information Seed Services.

Facility Controle & Safety

Facility management results in better products. All areas in the entire facility are equipped with modern access control point and authorisation of persons. Complete plant is secured with fences and electronic gates. Facility and products are climate controlled (temperature & humidity).

By the way: Schobbers' building temperature control is through a ground source of heat.
An environmentally green choice.