High End Packing

Products are packed in different units. From small prepacked bags to 'standard' paper bags. From bigbags, Octabins to FIBC's for large industry bulk deliveries. We use state of the art fully automatic packing lines for your made-to-measure solutions.

You have a full range of choices; paperbags, PE bags, ALU bags, EVOH bags. Small bag (5 kg) vs Nomal sizes (25 kg) and everything in between. Labels (neutral of preprinted) in all sizes. Labels on top / side or bag bottom. Standard packed or with added Modified Atmosphere ("MAP").

PS Seeds & Kernels, single product or blends are screened before packing

Product plus

Bags or Bigbags are automatically secured on pallets. Pallets are automatically wrapped. To correctly protect goods on pallets our total foil wrapping concept is in place. Loads on pallets are completely protected with wrapping foil during storage, loading, transport and delivery. Completely protected means: Top sheet foil - Wrapping foil accross - Bottom sheet foil between pallet and 1st layer.