Optical & Infrared Sorting

Industry leading SORTEX A technology to sort the smallest and most diffecult foreign bodies and product defects. Individual seeds pass the SORTEX A “1-by-1” in high speed. A unique 5 chute machine for high capacities. The machine uses high-resolution optical cameras, enabling the detection of color differentiation, subtle defects and foreign matter (e.g. Moisture defect, Shells, Wood, Cardboard, Stones, Mud, Insect damage, Plastic and Glass)

The Infrared /InGaAs option uses shortwave technology. This makes it possible to remove invisible-to-the-human-eye defects and hard-to-detect foreign material. 

Shape Sorting

For our large kernels a shape recognition sorting is added on top of the optical and InGaAs sorting. For our kernels the shape system adds a further layer of assurance for food quality. On product defects or FB’s which cannot be distinguished with camera and/or infrared system, the shape technology is brought into play. Detecting and rejecting: Too large kernels, Broken kernels, Disformed kernels and Layered kernels
This, among other things, is the best guarantee for equal appearance of product. A highly effective final control of the kernels.